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Benefit Options

We offer simple solutions when it comes to your benefit options at Calibrated Benefits Group. Our goal is to review ALL options for your business with the freedom for you to choose what works best. We work with all major carriers to shop the market for you to find the best solutions available. As a business owner you need to be aware of your responsibilities regarding Health Insurance benefits and that is where we become the experts. It is important to have the knowledge to support the best benefit options for your employees, yourself, and family members.

Small businesses often feel they may be too small or not have the financial resources to supply these benefits. Allow us to show you low cost and even NO COST to the company, benefits that will save you from negative turnover, save on payroll taxes and take care of your best asset, your employee! These benefits include voluntary benefits that work in perfect harmony with major medical plans. When you provide these options, you secure a place in your competitive market and impact the lives of your employees!

Already have major medical? GREAT! Have employees where the spouse has coverage already? EVEN BETTER! Has COVID-19 caused you to struggle through processes? WE DON’T WANT THAT! Let us show you how all of this can help employees stop working paycheck to paycheck and move you back to profitability.

Business Solutions

Here is where we can REALLY get calibrated! We offer business solutions that will truly impact areas of HR resources, Risk Mitigation, Tax Credits, and extended services. When was the last time you looked at your WOTC? Are you taking advantage of hiring credits or do you even know about them? What areas of your business are at risk of putting you in the red? Our team of dedicated professionals will evaluate and advise you in these areas to increase cash flow and correct inefficient systems. Ask us how you can get this service for FREE!

Most small business owners either do not have time or resources to handle changes in these areas. It is easy to get stuck in the daily grind of business just trying to keep it together. You may find yourself asking how to stop the merry-go-round to address some of these areas, but you cannot afford to stop what you are doing. To be calibrated in business is to be well rounded in all areas. Do you feel calibrated?

Our approach to helping you solve these issues is to evaluate all areas from a bird’s eye view. You may not even know what you are missing until a fresh set of eyes can help see the things that are not necessarily even visible to the owner. We partner with companies that can even offer FREE services in these areas just for working with Calibrated Benefits Group.

Business Values

What do you think of when you ask yourself about the VALUE of your business? What you should be asking is this….

Do I lay awake at night thinking of solutions for broken systems?

Do I want to offer my employees more, but I can’t afford to?

We currently offer medical benefits, isn’t that enough?

There are only a few of us that work here….

Covid has impacted us, and I don’t have any solutions…

We are not interested in growing our competitiveness or profitability….

OUCH! You should not feel like your business is running you! Often it boils down to not knowing all there is to know about running a business successfully. You probably started your business because you had a passion for a trade or idea that just got you excited to start getting out there! We want to partner with you and grow your success! When it comes to the value of your business the above questions can be answered by increasing your knowledge in these critical areas.

Don’t try to fix it all yourself.

Be the Rock Star employer that employees want to work for.

Don’t just offer something, offer everything you can!

By addressing these areas of business when it comes to value there are some SIMPLE solutions. Attracting quality employees that create less turnover, cost and improve loyalty are vital. Eliminating unnecessary cost such as platforms that you may not be using or do not create a good fit for you will help in that area. Looking at every area of Tax Savings can create THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that you may be throwing away. It is our passion to create an environment for you to maintain your competitiveness in your market.

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